Vision & Mission


To become a leader in Home Solution and Living Experience in Thailand and Southeast Asia.


We will offer exceptional products and services that exceed customer’s expectation and improve their standard of living through value and sufficiency.

We recognize the importance of developing our associates and enabling them to surpass their potential, enhancing productivity, behaving according to the company culture, having good standard of living, and devoting to the organization.

We will continuously seek for new business opportunities and appropriately add value to our stakeholders.

We corporate with business partners to develop innovative products and services, and enhance management effectiveness for mutual success.

Our management team is dedicated to operate with good governance and social responsibility, and create good relationships with the community and the environment.

Business Objectives

The Company aims to be a leading Company in the Home Solution and Living Experience business in Thailand and Southeast Asia by focusing on the development of the entire value chain system to develop products and services under the One Stop Shopping concept while delivering sustainability to the environment, society and business at the same time. Furthermore, the store expansion in good potential areas was continuously on plan. Also, according to the change of customer’s lifestyle and behavior, the Company emphasizes more on developing various products categories to better meet the demand of target customers as well as focuses more on further development of the e-commerce system and the Omni Channel system to boost customer satisfaction. By the end of 2023, there were 94 HomePro stores nationwide.

Besides the HomePro business, the Company also expanded “Mega Home” to accommodate the market for building materials. Mega Home Center offers a comprehensive range of home-related products and building materials, both wholesale and retail. The main target customers of Mega Home are technicians, contractors, and project owners. By the end of 2023, the Company has already opened and operated 27 Mega Home Stores to aim for the leader in construction materials.

With the goal of expanding business in ASEAN, the Company has expanded its business in the name of “HomePro” in foreign countries starting in Malaysia as the first country, at the end of 2023, there were 7 stores in Malaysia. In addition, the Company also expanded to Vietnam, in which the Company registration was set up in 2020. Currently, it is still operated through the E-marketplace.