Home Product Center Plc. was established on June 27, 1995, founded by Land and Houses Group, American International Assurance Co., Ltd. and the Sarasin family. The Company has been listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand since October 30, 2001 under the trade name of "HMPRO".

HomePro operates 94 stores nationwide, of which 36 branches are located in Greater Bangkok and another 58 branches in provinces. Store Location

To be the leader of Home Solution and Living Experience in Thailand and South East Asia as One Stop Shopping to attain highest customer satisfaction.

The customers are the retail customers, contractors and project owners. The customers taget is the retail customer both renovating existing home and new home.

Top 5 major shareholders, as of 10 March 2021:

1. Land and Houses Public Company Limited 3,975,878,432 share 30.23%
2. Quality Houses Public Company Limited 2,613,023,098 share 19.87%
3. Thai NVDR Company Limited 856,103,355 share 6.51%
4. Mr. Niti Osathanuklor 665,764,862 share 5.06%
5. Social Security Office 358,568,012 share 2.73%

To view top 10 shareholders, please click the following link Shareholder Structure

Yes, we have the Corporate Governance Policy and continually observe. To view our corporate governance policy, please click at CG Policy

HomePro has the policy to pay dividend to shareholders not less than 40% of the net profit of each year. However, the consideration for dividend payment will take other factors into account such as result of operation and financial status of the Company, Liquidity, Expansion of Business and other related factors. To view dividend history, please click on the link Dividend History

How to find the financial statements and the latest presentation of HomePro? HomePro has disclosed its financial statement following the regulation of the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The financial statement can be downloanded at www.set.or.th. However, the history financial statements are also available on the the following link Financial Statement

For the analyst presentations presenting every quarter, HomePro disclosed them at the following link Events and Presentations